After a brief break from our blogging, we’re thrilled to reconnect with you translators and interpreters! With the dawn of a new year, we’re excited to share some exciting updates and ventures that have been keeping us busy here at Websites for Translators. Firstly, we want to introduce

The conference was amazing. Last week we flew over to Italy to participate in BP 2019 translation conference in Bologna, Italy. As a Silver Sponsor, we were given a really lovely stand situated in a strategic place at the conference hotel. I said it before and I’ll say it again – the atm

Hi there! A lot of our clients have recently asked us lots of questions about the use of SSL certificate to make your website more secure. I thought it would be good to summarise the answers in one article! If you haven’t purchased or enabled an SSL certificate for your website, you may be mis

After a rather large break in blogging duties, we’re back! Another eventful year has passed and we’re so happy to be a part of the translation and interpreting community 🙂 2017 was an important year for us and here’s a short post to give you a quick update on what has been going on and [&he