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Websites for Translators were recommended to me by a translator colleague whose website I very much admired. I was initially unsure about whether to change my current logo, but when their designers provided a selection of potential ones to choose from with the theme of travel, they had some very wide-ranging and creative ideas, so I opted for one of theirs. With the help of their questionnaire I was encouraged to think carefully about what I liked about other websites I’d come across and what I would want for my own. They provided me with a range of themes to choose from and allowed me to pinpoint the right style for what the message I wanted to convey: friendly yet professional. I was blown away by the first version of my website and how intuitive it was to browse. My previous version had large blocks of text which were not so reader-friendly, but their version broke it up using images, diagrams and different sections. They created something I would never have been able to produce myselfand allowed me to spend my time sticking to what I do best: translating. “

Stephanie Martinez-Hill, https://voyagetranslations.co.uk/