The Language Compass


The Language Compass

“I have been thinking for some time about creating a website and I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. So, I reached out to Websites for Translators because I had already seen amazing examples of websites for video game translators in their portfolio. Margaret followed me during the whole process and explained each step thoroughly: she is patient, kind, and very accurate. Building a website isn’t easy and often you don’t even get what you need or what you want, and her help was fundamental to understanding how I wanted myself pictured as a professional. I often find myself overwhelmed with these kinds of tasks, but Margaret was always considerate, helpful and the nicest person to work with.

And just like Margaret, the Websites for Translator team comprises highly skilled individuals who could spin my vague ideas about my profession into life: I am completely satisfied and delighted with the logo, social covers, and copywriting services they offered me.

If you want a beautiful website, don’t hesitate and reach out to them! Thank you so much, Margaret and WFT team!”

Beatrice Ceruti, OWNER