Sergio Paris Interpreter & Translator


Sergio Paris Interpreter & Translator

“It was some years ago that I wanted to completely restructure my old website, which no longer represented me professionally. By pure chance, I came across some of my colleagues’ websites and I have to say that I liked them right away. I found out that all these websites were created by “Websites for Translators”.

I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with them and I have to say that it was the best choice I made. From the very first moment they were collaborative, professional and promptly understood my needs. Communication with Meg Dziatkiewicz and Margaret Sradomska was flawless. They are extremely friendly and above all pragmatic and quick to respond to every request. I am particularly proud of my new website and I have to say that it responds perfectly to what I was looking for.

After more than 15 years of self-employment as an interpreter and translator, I really needed a new image launch and “Websites for Translators” translated perfectly my new virtual presence. Last but not least, they know very well the needs of us interpreters and translators and all this plays in their favour in choosing a reliable partner to whom to entrust your virtual image. I strongly recommend them to all those colleagues who need something extra for a professional and impactful network presence.“

Sergio Paris