Angela Lai Medical Translations


Angela Lai Medical Translations

“I am pleased with the way the website has turned out. It is everything I had hoped for and more thanks to your input and experience, Meg. I appreciate that you were flexible enough to allow me to be actively involved in the development process and have enjoyed working with you. Thank you also for your research into Australian site hosts. Even though it was uncharted territory, you lived up to the challenge.

You gave me plenty of design choices to work with and I will take pride and pleasure in using the logo, business card and letterhead you designed for me. As for the website, it will give me the professional profile I need to take my small business to the next level, not to mention that I am now findable in the first place!

A big thank you to the team who contributed to your efforts, Arek and Greg in particular. I am grateful for all your efforts and guidance throughout the process of establishing my site.
Thank you so much for the tutorial that you wrote for me to help prepare me for the road ahead – a great idea and much appreciated.“

Angela Lai