The Frog, The Summer Offer and The Website Review

The Frog, The Summer Offer and The Website Review

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Today in this short news flash we’d like to update you on what’s happening at Websites for Translators’ headquarters.

Meet Jerry:

We’ve got a name for our Frog! Thank you everyone for your lovely submissions. Translators can be very creative! However, we’ve decided to go for something our whole team liked and we think it’s an appropriate name for a young frog in the translation world. Starting today, our Frog is named Jerry or, if you prefer to address him by his full name, Jerome. I think you already know why… The happy winner of the Branding Package has already been contacted. Thanks once again for taking part in our competition!

Benefit from our Summer Offer:

We have two Summer Offers for you that will last until 23.09 – end of calendar summer in here.

You’re invited to browse through the contents of both packages and ask us any questions you may have about them – we’ll be happy to hear from you! The Translator’s Startup Pack has been one of the most popular orders in recent years, and we have decided to 1) give you the chance to get it at a special price, 2) upgrade it to Deluxe Pack for those of you who’d like to really mark your presence with plenty of matching graphics for your business.

Get in touch for a Free Website Review:

From now on, you can get in touch for a Free Website Review. Do you already have a website? Would you like us to advise you on how to improve it? Do you need advice on hosting, copywriting, photos, content management systems or design? We can prepare a short report for you after reviewing all aspects of your existing website. Just get in touch and click here for more info!

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