Short interviews with website owners - Megan Onions!

Short interviews with website owners – Megan Onions!

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Greetings from London on this fine, Tuesday morning – we’re enjoying a quite summery weather down here and today we’d like to present to you a Herefordshire-based translator’s opinion on websites, their usability and first impressions.

Megan Onions, an owner of Speech Marks Translations and Speech Marks Copywriting (and Proofreading!) has agreed to answer a few questions about why websites are important.

Megan Onions - Speech Marks Translation

How would you describe your website in three words?

Fresh, clear, approachable

Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

My translation website was my first one, which I had designed when I wanted to formalise my business and take the first step in acquiring new clients. I was studying part-time back then and the website really boosted my confidence and allowed me to consider what I have to offer as a partner in a business relationship. Since then, I have added more websites for my different services, with a one-page site for my copywriting business being the latest to be completed. The same is true of this site, which will allow me to present myself and my services, connect with new clients and develop my business.

How does it help you market your services?

It’s a virtual shop window: a connection between my services and clients that I can’t meet in person. Most of my translation clients, in addition to a significant percentage of my clients in general, are based overseas. This means that…

…I need a solid representation of my business in order for them to get the best possible first impression and understand what I can do for them. I would like to think that the clear design and relaxed copy creates a virtual connection when a physical one isn’t possible.

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Do clients notice your website, do they make comments about it?

I have received a number of comments from new and existing clients about my websites, and some mentioned that they contacted me solely on the basis of that first impression, whether it was down to the design or the copy.

Did you enjoy the website building process / brand building process?

I could do it over and over again, if I’m honest! Most translators and copywriters spend so much time on clients’ websites and materials that it can feel exhausting to sit down and think about their own. However, seeing something that I had been working on for months come to fruition was incredibly rewarding and I found that the process gave me a great deal of energy to push on with my business. Also, being a word person, having access to design experts is very reassuring – especially when it comes to taking the reins and updating your own site!

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Do you think it’s mandatory to have a website nowadays?

I certainly think it’s a disadvantage not to have one. A website is an extension of your business and, like I said earlier, it allows you to reach out to clients that you wouldn’t otherwise connect with. Your website also forms part of a much larger strategy of getting your name out there and forming an online identity, which reinforces your credibility to both clients and fellow professionals.

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