Short interviews with website owners - María López García from Loga Translations

Short interviews with website owners – María López García from Loga Translations

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How do you feel about orange? Today’s guest in our blog is María López García from the energetic and positive Loga Translations – websites are for sharing!

Loga Translations fortune cookies!
Loga Translations fortune cookies!

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Fresh, professional and clear.

2. Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

One of my first clients suggested it to me when I was just starting out. He said he would like to recommend me to everyone who could potentially need my services and that it would be great if I had a website he could share around. It was probably the little encouragement I was missing to finally go for it as the idea had been sitting somewhere in my mind for a while.

3. How does it help you market your services?

I find that it’s a very clear and visual way of getting the information across. Nowadays, pretty much everything can be done online and it’s usually more convenient and quicker to be able to access the information by doing a quick search. By having a concise but functional website, people can access all the information they need to start with (my language combinations, my subject areas, my qualifications, etc.) so that they can make a choice at a later stage to get in touch if they need my services. From my point of view, having a website also shows that you care about what you do and that you are willing to invest in your business because you believe in it.

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4. Do clients notice your website, do they make comments about it?

I have had quite a few requests now coming directly from my website’s contact form so they definitely notice it. I find that the thing that still works for me the most is the word-of-mouth from previous clients but now when they share my details, the first thing that gets looked up is my website and I have indeed received compliments about how easy was to access the relevant information and also about how professional and clear it looked (which according to them made them feel even more confident and relaxed when using my services so they were reassured they were making the right choice).

5. Did you enjoy the website building process / brand building process?

I did! I have to say that I didn’t know where to start but I was well guided and advised all the way through and once the first ideas and steps were established, it was a very smooth and enjoyable process. I still remember the days before launching and how nerve-racking it was for me but I’m glad that it all worked out in the end (and a big thanks to Meg for giving me the last boost I needed and for making everything possible!).

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6. Do you think it’s mandatory to have a website nowadays?

Mandatory is quite a big word but I would definitely recommend everyone to go for it because it is well worth it. I know many good translators who do not have a strong online presence at all but now more than ever, things are changing and evolving and it’s easier for potential clients to simply google “Spanish translation services in Birmingham” than to try to find this out by other means.

At the end of the day, a good website is an extension of yourself and a fantastic way of letting everyone know what you do.

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