Short interviews with website owners! - Lloyd Bingham

Short interviews with website owners! – Lloyd Bingham

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Welcome to Week Two of Marketing Goodness… Have you already found your perfect website package to go for? There’s still time as the offers last until 10.08!

Today in our series – a truly stylish brand of a Cardiff-based Translator, Editor & Proofreader of French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Catalan (!) into English – Lloyd Bingham of Capital Translations.

How would you describe your website in three words?

Stylish, eye-catching and professional.

Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

As a sole trader, I wanted to brand myself in order to stand out within the industry, but also to raise the profile of the profession to those I meet outside of the industry, particularly in my local and regional area.

The site allows me to go into great detail about my background in my different languages so my (potential) clients can gain a good understanding of who they are trusting their texts with. I also have a page that explains my involvement in the translation industry and the values that I believe in.

What’s more, the site allows me to continue blogging and I have transferred all of the blog posts from my old lloydtranslates website to the new Capital Translations translation blog (for which I’m currently working on a new mega series of posts). There is also a new additional blog where I will publish articles about business and the economy in Cardiff.

How does it help you market your services?

My site gives a brief explanation of the difference between translation, proofreading and editing, which is very useful to those unfamiliar with our industry. Crucially, it lists the CPD that I have undertaken so clients can find out how I am developing my skills in specific areas, which in turn benefits them.

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Do clients notice your website, do they make comments about it?

I have had a lot of excellent feedback about my site from industry colleagues, family, friends and local business people. Some translators have said how unique the site is in the way it is presented and in terms of the brand colours, whereas my family, friends and other local entrepreneurs outside of the translation industry have complemented the logo and the brand’s connection to Cardiff, where I grew up and now work from.

Did you enjoy the website building process / brand building process?

Absolutely. I had some fairly concrete ideas before beginning, but it was difficult to communicate those ideas to the designer. I wanted my logo to feature a selection of landmarks in Cardiff, which must have proven tricky to produce, given the diverse architectural features of the buildings and the designer’s unfamiliarity with them. It was interesting to see the various drafts that he came up with. After a few revisions, we combined the graphic of one draft logo with the font of another, made a few small amendments, and came up with the final logo. I’m ecstatic.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 12.39.29

Do you think it’s mandatory to have a website nowadays?

Not mandatory at all. Having worked in-house, I have come across many translators who are ‘under the radar’, so to speak. There are professional translators who do very well and don’t use Facebook or Twitter, let alone have a website. Some don’t have a ProZ profile or aren’t even members of a professional association. Of course it is up to individuals as to how they lead their career and what they want to get out of it.

I think more established translators don’t need a website. Whether they want one in any case is a different matter but I think for translators just starting out, a website can be highly beneficial. With my website for example, I wanted to convey my unique selling points and go into detail about my experience in each of my source languages. If you’re suddenly faced with a potential client, you may not have much time to do an ‘elevator pitch’. That’s why it’s useful for me to hand them a business card and tell them to check out my website, and nine times out of ten they do exactly that thanks to my striking business cards, also designed by WfT.

Read more about Lloyd’s brand building process in his Capital Translations Blog. Follow Lloyd on Twitter: @Capital_Trans

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