Short interviews with website owners - Emeline Jamoul

Short interviews with website owners – Emeline Jamoul

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Today, on a sunny (!) London day we’d like to present a fresh and positive branding approach of Emeline Jamoul from In Touch Translations!

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Fresh, modern and positive.

Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.52.22

2. Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

It was a must for me because a translator’s work mainly happens online nowadays. For example, we communicate much more by sending emails than by giving phone calls, we look for our prospects on the web, etc. The web broadens our horizons and largely increases our opportunities. It was just common sense for me to have my own space on the Internet – this way my clients can learn more about me and my business, the services I offer and so on.

I find it builds a more personal bond with the client because they know more about me than through a simple CV, platform profiles and a short email signature. In short, I would say that a website offers so many options that you can’t really miss having one if you want to have a strong presence online. It also shows that you have a proactive attitude and that you are taking seriously, which is a great starting point if you want your business to thrive.

3. How does it help you market your services?

I think the biggest way in which it helps me market my services is by having it all in one place. All the services I offer are explained there and it also indicates which industries I target. The copy of the website in itself (and my blog) gives the client a sense of who I am and of what they can expect from me when they work with me, which is something extremely important in my opinion. It also helps me come up in Google searches and thus be more visible to my prospective clients thanks to SEO!

I also like the fact that there is a space for testimonials from some of my clients. This proves to my prospective clients that I am a trustworthy professional and it shows them that they will be in good hands should they choose to work with me.

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4. Do clients notice your website, do they make comments about it?

They do, and I only got positive feedback so far, so thank you, Website for Translators! ☺
Some of the project managers I collaborate with also complimented me on the blog, so that’s always nice to see that what I write resonates outside of the freelance sphere.

5. What do you like the most about your branding?

The fact that it represents me and the positive outcome I want to bring to my clients. It’s fresh, young, positive – these are all the uplifting emotions I wanted to create for my clients (and prospective ones). I mainly work with medical documents, IT-related texts and small businesses material. You might wonder what these fields have all in common. Well, I give you this: they each aim to change the world. By translating clinical trials, I help medical research find cures; by translating websites and apps, I help bring technology to a higher number of users around the world and by being a collaborator to small businesses, I help them reach new market and a whole new horizon of opportunities.

Because I believe change comes from a positive place, I wanted my brand to reflect that.

6. Is it easier to get clients with your website?

Since the website is rather new, I can’t share any accurate fact yet, but I feel like it does. I receive a lot more phone calls and requests by email than I used to and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Follow Emeline at @EmelineJamoul.

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