Short interviews with website owners - David Miralles Pérez

Short interviews with website owners – David Miralles Pérez

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Here’s another website owner who has kindly agreed to share his views on having a website for his professional business, the website building process and other ways of marketing! Read on to draw inspiration from David Miralles Pérez from Circa Lingua!

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Professional | Straight-forward | client-focused

David Miralles Circa Lingua

2. How does it help you market your services?

My website is the main pillar of my marketing plan. I like to say that it is in my website where magic starts. A well optimised website makes your business visible on the Internet; it makes you stand out of the crowd. In addition, I use my website to provide all the information that my clients need regarding any translation/interpreting assignment, from prices to the working method that I use and what services I provide. I also use my blog to provide tips to translators and interpreters about business and marketing. I think it is one of the best ways to build an audience for your website.

3. Do clients notice your website, do they make comments about it?

Of course. They normally find my website on the Internet, but I also refer to my website when I contact any potential client.
Most of my clients say that they were impressed with my website and that professionalism makes them opt for my services. I think that a good website focused on your client needs has a very significant impact on the decision of potential clients.

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4. How has having a website affected your business?

One of the main aims that I wanted to achieve with my website was to consolidate my brand. A good website is a powerful branding tool that can boost your business. That is why I wanted to invest in a quality website and in an appealing logo design. This helped my clients to recognise my services and most of them made very positive comments about it. I think that they’d rather rely on translators willing to invest in their businesses.

On the other hand, I also noticed that I was more visible on the Internet. Some new clients or potential clients contacted me via the contact form in my website. If you invest time in getting your website SEO-optimised and focusing your website on the needs of your clients, your website can be a powerful tool to reach new clients and business opportunities.

5. Is it easier to get clients with your website?

I wouldn’t say it is easy, but it can make things easier. Since I have my website, one of the first thing I do when I am contacting potential clients is to invite them to visit it, so they can get more information about my services if they are interested, and it tends to give good results.
I also invested time in improving SEO in my website to rank higher in Internet searches. Thanks to this, I managed to reach new clients that found my website by googling different key words.

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6. What other elements of online / offline marketing do you use?

Apart from writing a blog, I tend to be very active in different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. I use them to provide content of interest to my followers and promote the content I publish on my blog. I also try to collaborate with different blogs and magazines as much as I can; I am always up to new collaborations! I think that every business needs a good online marketing strategy to survive on the Internet.

In the “real world”, I always carry my business cards with me. You never know when you may have a chance to meet a potential client. I also try to attend different events related to the translation and interpreting industry and related to my fields of expertise as well. I went to a powwow a couple of weeks ago in Edinburgh. It is always a good chance of networking and getting to know some colleagues.

Follow David at @dmiralles_cl.

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