Partnership with Text United

Partnership with Text United

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We know we’ve been silent for too long now!

From now on, you can visit our blog much more often.

To start with, we have a new announcement to make.

We have partnered with an innovative translation management system company to bring you yet another platform for external translation that you can use for your benefit. We will also be offering approx. 10% discount for Text United translators – details will become available shortly!

New to Text United?


Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Text United: language technology that organizes the simplest process to deliver translations. Every international business struggles with maintaining consistent and up to date content in multiple languages. Text United removes the chaos from translation and structures ordering and delivery the way they’re supposed to be.

Translations start straight from where the original text is written, get automatically checked for duplication to never translate twice, and are submitted to translators.

Text United translators work exclusively within the platform to ensure the best language consistency and turn-around times.

Thanks to our chaos-free process, companies can re-use their previous translations to automatically check files for content duplication and apply matches to get translations delivered faster.”

Check out their cool website: 

Over the next months, we will be actively looking for innovative solutions that can help translators with their work. Stay tuned!

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