New series: Short interviews with website owners! - Ana Dias

New series: Short interviews with website owners! – Ana Dias

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Welcome to Day Four of our Week of Marketing Goodness… have you already found your perfect website package to go for? There’s still time as the offers last until 03.08!

Today we begin a new series in our blog – website owners will be answering a few questions on how helpful websites actually are. So before you get yours, you can read about all the pros (and cons?) of having a website and launching your own online marketing campaign.

Today in the spotlight: Ana Dias, the owner of

TO PUT IN ABOUT ME (800x533)

How would you describe your website in three words?

If I could describe my website in 3 words they’d be Professional; Catchy; Straightforward.

Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

I decided to have a website do showcase my professional services as a specialised translator and I wanted my website done by the best! Being a specialised legal translator, I wanted to show a clean, professional and sober website but I wanted to have a different colour palette and a different approach regarding imagery as well. WFT helped me by creating a wonderful logo and a very subtle but catchy colour palette.

Also, since I specialise in other areas as well, I was very fortunate to have a team who helped me create the contents. They needed to be clear, aimed at prospective clients but also to current clients and, finally, I needed to convey my ideas effectively. Working with Meg helped me a lot in setting the tone of the contents.

How does it help you market your services?

It helps market my services because I can reach a wider range of potential clients and, also, show my current clients that I am evolving. As a translator, you are your own company, your own brand. As much as your work, your brand and the message you get across to your clients is of the utmost importance. When you show your target-client that you market yourself professionally, you show that target-client you are not a shady character seating in front of a laptop, but that you are a business, you are a human being, you are professional and you are in tune with the world.

You live in the here and now and are ready for any challenge.

Do clients notice your website, do they make comments about it?

Clients say it’s a very professional and straightforward website, that it has a very elegant design and it reflects my personality (said by clients who know me personally as well as professionally). When a client notices there’s a personality behind the contents and the imagery, you know you have a brilliant website. The persona behind the professional is also important in a working relationship and get that across in this website was one of the goals I wanted to achieve and WFT did it amazingly well!

How has having a website affected your business?

It has helped me in my branding process and has put me in a higher level where branding and showcasing myself as professional is concerned. I have a brand name – anadiastrad – I have a logo, I have a photo that people can associate immediately to me and in a very short time my website and my brand name began to come up in Google searches.

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