New Partnership with APTRAD!

New Partnership with APTRAD!

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Dear APTRAD members!

Good news! Together with Aptrad board, we have agreed on a new partnership to be able to provide special deals and offers exclusively for Aptrad members.

Check out the first offer we have prepared for you, lasting until September 2016!

Aptrad Member Offer Websites for Translators 2016

Get in touch to book and send over your APTRAD profile link to receive a discount!

We’re also partners of Aptrad’s 1st International Conference in Porto! Check out their website and register here
New to Aptrad?

“APTRAD, the Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters, is a formally constituted non-profit organisation based in Porto, Portugal. It was established in February 2015 by a group of freelance professionals in response to a perceived need for a modern, creative and innovative approach in order to achieve greater cohesion and exchange of information at national level within the profession.

APTRAD’s motto – Interpreting the present to translate the future – reflects the Association’s aim to promote and foster the growth of its professional members, and to support the integration as professionals of all future translators and interpreters into the market. APTRAD intends to become the chief point of reference and primary meeting place for all those who have chosen a career in translation and interpretation.”

Head on to their website for more info: Aptrad website

We’re really happy to begin this new partnership!

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