Websites work best when well maintained

Your website’s health is as important as yours.


Invest in the well-being of your online presence!

While we take care of your website all the way to the launch (and a couple of weeks afterwards), website health is important to ensure the correct functioning of your online marketing hub. It needs to be taken care of, managed periodically, backed-up, updated and kept neat and clean so that it doesn’t become outdated and stuffed with unnecessary spam, files, comments, old plugins and such. We’re pleased to offer a pre-paid maintenance service to help your website thrive and grow stronger in an increasingly online-focused world.

Please browse through the options below and choose the one best suited to your needs.

  • Pre-paid service
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Ad-hoc troubleshooting

Pre-paid service

You can purchase a number of maintenance hours in advance and be introduced to our new maintenance logging system. We will complete tasks sent over by you every time you need to correct something, clean up the back end, do a backup or perform updates. All tasks are logged in 15-minute intervals and we will always let you know how much time it took to correct, add or fix something, and will count that towards your total.

At the moment you can purchase 5 hours of maintenance for just £100!

What’s included:

– website and database backups

– updates and maintenance

– text and design corrections

– adding, removing and changing pages and layout

– fixing bugs that may appear over time (e.g. adjusting to new browser versions)

– making sure your website is always at its best and operates on an up-to-date system

Monthly maintenance

For £50 a month, our maintenance system consists of 2 hours of our time every month, with guaranteed:

– monthly backups (website + database)

– monthly updates

– all the fixes and adjustments you’d like us to make within a month

– advice and answers to all of your technical questions!

Hours are not transferrable to following months.

Ad-hoc troubleshooting

We’d be glad to assist you with any kind of IT problem, be it with your website, email or blog, if we think we can fix it for you. An hour of troubleshooting, changes or performing backups or updates costs £35.

Also, please note that £35 is our minimum charge for adjustments as part of any ad-hoc task.

If the number of hours needed for your additional web development task is over 5, the hourly charge decreases to £25.

Would you like us take care of your website?

We’ll be happy to chat with you and help you assess your needs.

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