Explore new Websites for Translators - branding, maintenance and support system

Explore new Websites for Translators – branding, maintenance and support system

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On the second day of our Week of Marketing Goodness we’d like to take you on a little tour showing you our new services, website features and information available on our website.

First of all you might have noticed our little frog – our new logo and character that shall remain nameless until YOU decide to give it a name. (See Name the Frog Competition) We’ll stick to the natural touch in our branding and matching visuals to create a positive atmosphere of peace and organic design.

Today we’d like to highlight our new website features. You’re cordially invited to browse through:

1. Branding Section – if you ever thought about working with someone on the core of your marketing and crystallise sound ideas, you can now see the options we have available to help you with that aspect of being a business – smaller packages available from £150, but if you’re looking for a total brand overhaul – we’ve got it.

2. Maintenance – with every purchase, we will now advise you on the website lifespan and give instructions on how to take care of your website in the long term. You will also have the opportunity to purchase an on-going maintenance from us, covering fixes, updates, backups and adjustments.

3. Support Ticketing System – need a quick technical advice or have an urgent problem? Submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you with proposed solutions.

4. FAQ – a start of a bigger database of useful information on how we design websites, what to pay attention to, what to prepare and tips and tricks on how to choose the design, colours, copywriting – watch that space!

5. Portfolio – a renewed portfolio that is now often updated – we’re proud of the projects we’re working on and we’d like you to see the capabilities of out Team in full spotlight. You will also be able to find featured project highlights on our blog.

6. Websites! – we have reconsidered certain elements of the websites we provide and found that they usually go in the 4 most bought packages presented on the website. Find the one that suits you best – and get it for a special price this week – only £400 for a full, professional website, and £700 for a Startup Pack. Valid until 03.08!

7. Graphic Design – we’ll be introducing a full portfolio of our different designers to choose from in the upcoming weeks (again, watch that space!) and now you can choose from elements that can boost your business image in the short time!

And, of course, there’s our Blog, that now has its own editorial calendar and we plan to introduce you to the website design and marketing theory and practice – in a form useful to anybody having a website and trying to attract direct clients.

And tomorrow, we’ll introduce you to the first post from our series of real life case studies – 5 quick questions to translators who already own a website – to see how they use it.

Stay tuned!

Meg & The Team

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