Not sure about your business name?

Business naming services

Let’s do a little research!

We know how hard it is to come up with and choose a business name (just look at our brand!), and we’d like to offer our help with that aspect of building a business too.

Depending on your needs, we can brainstorm with you on your existing ideas or come up with a selection of new ones based on your information. We will also do our research and pay attention to domain availability, trademarks and other companies registered in the UK to make sure your name is unique and not currently used by someone else!

Pricing varies from £100 per 2 hours of brainstorming + online research with initial up to 10 concepts to £300 for full online research, brainstorming with you and the team, providing you with up to 20 new ideas to choose from, background ideology and plenty of consultations.

Get in touch for a little brainstorming!