Build your business
from the ground up

Establish a strong base for your business and marketing activities.
Be confident you have all the tools to convince and convert your potential clients.


Most popular – let’s work together on tagline, USP, mission statement and longer marketing pitch you can use on marketing materials (scroll down for more).


Need someone to brainstorm with? We will come up with up to 10 ideas and check domain availability (and Companies House & Trademark in the UK) for you. – from £200


Also very popular, usually bought together with CV rebrand – why have a standard CV when you can use it to your advantage and make it memorable? – from £150


Get targeted marketing messages for your potential clients that you can use in your emails, on your website, CV, cover letters – let’s bring the best of you out there! – from £100


Align your social media with your brand – we can help you prepare your LinkedIn profile, Proz profile, Translators Cafe & others as needed so that they’re attractive to your clients. – from £100


Don’t like writing about yourself? Our copywriters can turn your notes into a fully-blown website copy, including blog posts! We currently offer services in English (UK, US, International) and Italian!

What is ‘branding’ and why do I need it?

The idea behind consistent branding is to present yourself and your business in the best possible way. It will be attractive to your target market, but also preserve that unique and professional ‘you’.

Our approach is to work on branding from the ground up to determine unique elements that blend your professional life with your personality and the values you’d like to convey. We do all of this while reflecting the nature and character of your business.

A brand is not just a logo and visual approach.

It is a holistic view of the company, its values, mission and vision and that unique selling point, which sets you apart in the eyes of new clients. They will be drawn to you through the feelings you evoke with the overall look and feel of your brand.

The graphics are definitely important and the most visible aspect, but they should only be a representation of a much bigger and thought-through approach.


An all time favourite – a complete branding guidance to set the foundations of your brand.


Mission Statement

to pinpoint what your company is about


to convey in 3 – 5 words the single feature of your business you’d like to attract people with

Unique Selling Point

the core of your services that will differentiate you from others

Marketing Pitch

a longer selling / advertising pitch that you can use in contact with clients, either in writing or as a basis for a conversation

Website Content Marketing Review

a quick review of your full website content to finalise the project and incorporate your new branding elements into the website text


Looking for a creative boost?

So far the process has proven to be very exciting, so if this is something you’d like to try, please get in touch! We’d be more than happy to start brainstorming with you on your new brand image.


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