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What is ‘branding’ and why do I need it?

You may well find yourself asking that question. The idea behind consistent branding is to present yourself and your business in the best possible way. It will be attractive to your target market, but also preserve that unique and professional ‘you’.

Our approach is to work on branding from the ground up to determine unique elements that blend your professional life with your personality and the values you’d like to convey. We do all of this while reflecting the nature and character of your business.

A brand is not just a logo and visual approach.

It is a holistic view of the company, its values, mission and vision and that unique selling point, which sets you apart in the eyes of new clients. They will be drawn to you through the feelings you evoke with the overall look and feel of your brand.

The graphics are definitely important and the most visible aspect, but they should only be a representation of a much bigger and thought-through approach.


So what is your unique approach?

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When I needed to work on the branding side of my business, I contacted Websites for Translators because I have heard that this team was amazing. It’s a delight to work with Meg. She has the skills to transform your projects and your goals into purposes. Now, the vision I have for my business is even clearer than it was a few months ago. Meg is attentive to your needs, she is a great listener and she grasps easily what you want. Also, Meg is so knowledgeable about marketing and branding that working with her was very instructive. I highly recommend Websites for Translators to anyone.

Caroline Belanger, French Canadian Translator for mental health, business, marketing and tech

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