Brand and Promotion


What’s included?

Mission Statement

to pinpoint what your company is about


to convey in 3 – 5 words the single feature of your business you’d like to attract people with

Unique Selling Point

the single feature you’d like to be the core of your services that will differentiate you from others

Marketing Pitch

a selling / advertising pitch that you can use in contact with clients, either in writing or as a basis for a conversation

CV redesign

based on the branding we come up with, we will rewrite your CV to match other elements of your business, following a thorough research of your target client base

Cover letters

a set of 3 separate cover letters targeted at three different types of clients will be written for you after we complete the research phase

Cost: £750

How do we do that?

The flow of the process

A conversation with one of our marketers will be the first point of the journey. During the chat, we will need to know as much as we can about your business, and will ask a few questions to ensure that we portray your business in line with your own values and beliefs. Once that’s done, a first version of your branding will be prepared within an agreed timeframe and there will be a lot of ideas to choose from! You will then have a chance to give feedback and brainstorm with your marketer to fine-tune the approach.

Looking for creative copywriters?

After we agree on your brand new company identity, our lovely copywriters will get to work on your CV and cover letters, after reading your copywriting brief very carefully.

This is an overall package, offering you the chance to have all the crucial promotional materials produced for you. All you need to do is to provide us with as much information as you can and tell us about your personal vision.

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