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Dear APTRAD members!

Good news! Together with Aptrad board, we have agreed on a new partnership to be able to provide special deals and offers exclusively for Aptrad members.

Check out the first offer we have prepared for you, lasting until September 2016!

Aptrad Member Offer Websites for Translators 2016

Get in touch to book and send over your APTRAD profile link to receive a discount!

We’re also partners of Aptrad’s 1st International Conference in Porto! Check out their website and register here
New to Aptrad?

“APTRAD, the Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters, is a formally constituted non-profit organisation based in Porto, Portugal. It was established in February 2015 by a group of freelance professionals in response to a perceived need for a modern, creative and innovative approach in order to achieve greater cohesion and exchange of information at national level within the profession.

APTRAD’s motto – Interpreting the present to translate the future – reflects the Association’s aim to promote and foster the growth of its professional members, and to support the integration as professionals of all future translators and interpreters into the market. APTRAD intends to become the chief point of reference and primary meeting place for all those who have chosen a career in translation and interpretation.”

Head on to their website for more info: Aptrad website

We’re really happy to begin this new partnership!

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Dear IAPTI members!

As our website has found a new home (on a new, faster, server!), we can now update you on a few things.

To start with, we have a new offer prepared for you, lasting until September 2016.

IAPTI Special Offer - Websites for Translators copy 2

Get in touch to book and send over your IAPTI profile link to receive a discount!

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We know we’ve been silent for too long now!

From now on, you can visit our blog much more often.

To start with, we have a new announcement to make.

We have partnered with an innovative translation management system company to bring you yet another platform for external translation that you can use for your benefit. We will also be offering approx. 10% discount for Text United translators – details will become available shortly!

New to Text United?


Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Text United: language technology that organizes the simplest process to deliver translations. Every international business struggles with maintaining consistent and up to date content in multiple languages. Text United removes the chaos from translation and structures ordering and delivery the way they’re supposed to be.

Translations start straight from where the original text is written, get automatically checked for duplication to never translate twice, and are submitted to translators.

Text United translators work exclusively within the platform to ensure the best language consistency and turn-around times.

Thanks to our chaos-free process, companies can re-use their previous translations to automatically check files for content duplication and apply matches to get translations delivered faster.”

Check out their cool website: https://www.textunited.com/ 

Over the next months, we will be actively looking for innovative solutions that can help translators with their work. Stay tuned!

Today, on a sunny (!) London day we’d like to present a fresh and positive branding approach of Emeline Jamoul from In Touch Translations!

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Fresh, modern and positive.

Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.52.22

2. Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

It was a must for me because a translator’s work mainly happens online nowadays. For example, we communicate much more by sending emails than by giving phone calls, we look for our prospects on the web, etc. The web broadens our horizons and largely increases our opportunities. It was just common sense for me to have my own space on the Internet – this way my clients can learn more about me and my business, the services I offer and so on.

I find it builds a more personal bond with the client because Keep Reading →

Here’s another website owner who has kindly agreed to share his views on having a website for his professional business, the website building process and other ways of marketing! Read on to draw inspiration from David Miralles Pérez from Circa Lingua!

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Professional | Straight-forward | client-focused

David Miralles Circa Lingua

2. How does it help you market your services?

My website is the main pillar of my marketing plan. I like to say that it is in my website where magic starts. A well optimised website makes your business visible on the Internet; it makes you stand out of the crowd. In addition, I use my website to provide all the information that my clients need regarding any translation/interpreting assignment, from prices to the working method that I use and what services I provide. I also use my blog to provide tips to translators and interpreters about business and marketing. I think it is one of the best ways to build an audience for your website.

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Back with the series! Today we’re interviewing Andrew Morris from Morristraduction – a determined translator and a person standing behind the StandingOut initiative that you might know well from Facebook already!

We’re asking Andrew about his website as a translation professional but also, inspired by his Standing Out community, we decided to ask him to shed the light on the concept behind his Facebook page and the upcoming Standing Out book…

Andrew Morris

1.How would you describe your website in three words?

Different, classy, focused.

2.Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

For me it always seemed obvious. I wanted a presence, an energy working for me round the clock and around the globe. I knew that quality was the core of a successful business, but I also knew there was little point in having a business that nobody could see. I wanted to showcase what I could do.

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Today in our interview series we’re proud to present Simona de Logu from SDL Languages and her experience with having a professional website – read on to find out more!

Photoshoot Jan. 2013 A4

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Person focused, straightforward, easy to navigate. That’s more than three words, sorry!

2. Why have you decided to have a website in the first place? Do you think it’s mandatory to have a website nowadays?

I decided to get a professionally designed website because, in my opinion, it is mandatory for businesses nowadays. Businesses are expected to have an online presence as more and more business is carried out online, and the internet is the first port of call for most people when searching for services they require.

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How do you feel about orange? Today’s guest in our blog is María López García from the energetic and positive Loga Translations – websites are for sharing!

Loga Translations fortune cookies!

Loga Translations fortune cookies!

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Fresh, professional and clear.

2. Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

One of my first clients suggested it to me when I was just starting out. He said he would like to recommend me to everyone who could potentially need my services and that it would be great if I had a website he could share around. It was probably the little encouragement I was missing to finally go for it as the idea had been sitting somewhere in my mind for a while.

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Did you go through the website building process yourself? Or maybe you would like to but are unsure about where to start? Read on to see what Sara Colombo of Sara Colombo Translations has to say about her website, vibrant brand and the creative process. Thank you Sara!

sara_0133_publication copy

1. How would you describe your website in three words?

Clear, informative, creative.

2. Why have you decided to have a website in the first place?

When I started out as a freelancer I only had a blog on Blogger that I slowly updated and enriched with a simple CV. I wanted to mix blogging with my professional profile but quickly realised that if that was the ultimate goal, a domain and a custom made design had to be created, and immediately.

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Today in this short news flash we’d like to update you on what’s happening at Websites for Translators’ headquarters.

Meet Jerry:

We’ve got a name for our Frog! Thank you everyone for your lovely submissions. Translators can be very creative! However, we’ve decided to go for something our whole team liked and we think it’s an appropriate name for a young frog in the translation world. Starting today, our Frog is named Jerry or, if you prefer to address him by his full name, Jerome. I think you already know why… The happy winner of the Branding Package has already been contacted. Thanks once again for taking part in our competition!

Benefit from our Summer Offer:

We have two Summer Offers for you that will last until 23.09 – end of calendar summer in here.
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