CV redesign

You only get one first impression.

Would you like your CV to be instantly noticeable and grab the attention of potential clients?

We can make it happen by adjusting your CV to your needs and branding, taking into account the industry you translate for – your valuable target market.

We can also help you with its contents!

Cost: from £125



What we need from you

Your current CV and a short brief of what you would like to achieve with the new version. Don’t worry – we will give you a brief questionnaire to determine the goals of the new design. Looking for a total CV overhaul? We can also work with the content (click here!).

What you get from us

An editable Word file, Open Office template and a PDF ready for distribution! You will also get some free tips and tricks on how to improve your CV.

How long is the process?

Depending on the length of the CV and whether we work on the content – between 1.5 and 2.5 weeks.

Why would I need a custom-made CV?

Sometimes when applying for jobs, you really only get a few seconds to catch the recruiter’s attention. The content of your CV is super-important, but if it is hard to read, messy or incomplete, you risk not being considered for the job. Impress your clients with a neat and stylish CV with spot-on content and showcase your best professional side!

Order now!

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