Why websites for translators

What a website can do?

If you are a translator and you still don’t have a website, let us show you why you should get one and what it can do for you. If you are a translator and you happen to have your own website, check if yours gives you the same possibilities.

Website as a business card and CV

Your website can present contact details and basic information about you 24 hours 7 days to potential clients all over the world.

Website as your portfolio

You can present samples of your work online, enhancing them with images, sounds and beautiful design.

Website as your service folder

Your website can also showcase all your services in an intuitive and logical manner, so that your potential customers can learn about your specialities.

Website as a shopping window

Your website can also sell products online.

Website as a form of contact

Your website can have a contact form (same as ours, top right corner!) with tick boxes asking your client about specific details.

Website as a data storage space

Did you know that your website can also store your files and documents?

Website as a blog

Translators are creative, and very often they run their own blogs. Why shouldn’t you have your blog on your website to show off your writing skills?

What can you gain from having a website?

More exposure

Your website is up 24/7, it is searchable around the world and targets the right potential clients. It is advertising your services without you doing anything. Just wait for customers to contact you!

Interactive marketing

With your portfolio, compelling design and countless online options, you gain a marketing advantage in your working languages. Also, you can reach your potential clients with cost-effective solutions.

Professional image

Your website communicates your image and proves that you really are a professional translator. Little investment brings huge return!

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